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  • How do I apply for a grant for my organization?
    MFCF is currently fundraising to raise capital in support of our core programs so that we can provide critical grants, scholarships and zero-interest loans to individuals and organizations like yours. We invite you to get connected with us so you can be made aware of funding opportunities when they become available. Visit our Connect page to subscribe to our emails, text alerts, or follow us on social media @mifreedomcf.
  • How do I apply for emergency assistance?
    We are no longer accepting new applications for our COVID-19 emergency assistance program. We encourage you to connect with local resources available to you. Please dial 211 or visit  or to get additional immediate help.
  • Can I volunteer with MFCF?
    Yes. Contact our Volunteer Manager, Amanda Surur, via email to and let her know if you have any specific contributions you'd like to make. Otherwise, we will work with you to find a position or project that needs you the most. Current needs include: Outreach Specialist, Ambassador, Community Engagement Manager, Jr. Operations Associate, Communications Specialist, Development Associate.
  • I'd like to partner with MFCF for an upcoming event or initiative.
    Please send details via email to our Community Engagement Director, Brittney Stewart, at If you are interested in being a guest speaker for a MFCF-Sponsored virtual event please complete this form:
  • I recently applied for assistance. What is the status of my application?
    ​We continue to fundraise to meet demand for our COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund. If you applied, we will contact you via email regarding your application status once we have processed your application.
  • Where can I learn more about MFCF?
    Explore this website to learn more about our programs, events, and volunteers. Follow us on social media to stay tuned in to additional updates and resources.
  • I'd like to attend an upcoming board meeting
    MFCF holds board meetings quarterly in March, June, September and December. All board meetings are public and streamed to our Facebook page. The best way to get notified is to subscribe to our newsletter or text alerts on the Connect page. You may also contact us via text or email to inquire about timing and registration for the next upcoming board meeting or to submit public comments.
  • Are donations tax deductible?
    MFCF is a 501c3 nonpofit organizaition domiciled in the State of Michigan. All cash donations made to MFCF are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
  • What can I donate?
    In addition to cash, we accept a wide variety of donations: Stock/Equity Real Estate Gold/Silver Vehicles Businesses Gift Cards We prefer donations of physical items not listed above such as clothing, electronics and food be directed toward an operating charity. If you are unsure where to donate your items, we'd be happy to make a recommendation. Just reach out to us at
  • Where do my donations go?
    98% of the value of your donation is earmarked to support our core programs. In 2020, our COVID-19 taskforce was established which allocated 100% of all publicly raised donations to support our Emergency Assistance Fund and community calls.

Important Message for Grant Seekers: 

MFCF is currently fundraising to support our core programs. We look forward to being able to support your requests for grants and loans in the future. 

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.
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