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A message from our founder

"The Minority Freedom Community Fund is a newly developed nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of African Americans in the US through economic support, social programs, and holistic wellness. Our decision to select these three tenets for our mission stems from our commitment to employing a human-centered approach toward correcting systemic racial injustice in America.

We understand that there are thousands of programs and grassroots efforts that are already engaged in the fight to alleviate the pain points we’ve identified. Our purpose is not to create yet another brand but to reinforce and amplify these mission-aligned initiatives using our strengths behind-the-scenes. Because of this, we strive to support existing social infrastructure catering to minorities by offering financial capital, technical assistance and serving as a fiduciary for programs and businesses.

The socio-economic impacts of systemic racism and discrimination have long tainted the ability of minorities to accumulate wealth and improved social status on a collective basis. Part of our vision is to live in a world where minorities receive their appropriate share of wealth and social power.

We also envision a time when society is able to authentically recognize minorities for their contributions, unprompted by protests and boycotting or other means of advocacy. This means that our histories and accomplishments aren’t treated as electives but are incorporated accurately in core curriculum for example. We believe that taken together, this will lead to minorities being able to sustainably live full, healthy lives.

Join us in our quest".


TeQuion Brookins

Founder & COO, Minority Freedom Community Fund


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