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"The Minority Freedom Community Fund is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the lives of African Americans and minorities in the United States of America through a multifaceted approach that includes providing capital infusions, supporting existing social infrastructure, and promoting holistic wellness."


Capital Infusions

We support programs and ideas that lead minorities toward a more positive view of the future and towards school and employment, developing the skills required for success. Such opportunities can focus on developing the skills, identity, readiness, relationships, and capital necessary for expanding vocational prospects and mobility. MFCF supports individuals, businesses, and programs economically through direct aid in the form of grants and scholarships. We also provide technical assistance & financial education through workshops, literature, and web-based programs & support on economic topics as well as serving as a liaison between clients and financial and/or educational service providers. We assist in the development, purchase, and sale of minority-owned enterprises through our business brokerage platform. We also provide grants, interest-free loans and/or serve as fiscal fiduciary for programs that align with our vision


Supporting Existing Social Infrastructure

For minorities, essential resources can take the form of specialized interventions and pathways to new beginnings. We support programs and organizations demonstrating commitment in teaching healthy, violence-free lifestyles and preparing minorities for overcoming future obstacles, increasing self-confidence & sustainability. We partner with and design programs led by certified health professionals to improve the health profiles of minorities and/or projects that increase access to primary health care among minorities. We seek to provide & support charitable programs that respond rapidly to individual family and community-wide emergencies when other sources are burdensome to acquire or unavailable. We also donate or support providers who provide minorities other essential resources such as clothing, housing, jobs, and furniture.


Promoting Holistic Wellness

Partnerships are sought with those who provide essential resources that include holistic, transformational programs that, once pursued, lead to greater interconnectedness and solidarity among minorities. We believe that all human beings deserve access to mental health support, without which a healthy, fulfilled life is not possible. We further believe that relationships are essential resources for well-being – for emotional support, for practical help with challenges, for connections that lead to opportunity, and for feeling valued and giving to others. For people who experience the isolating and destructive consequences of systemic racism & discrimination, we strive to facilitate peer networks, community cadres of coaches and mentors, and caring environments where surrogate families can form. Accordingly, we seek to partner with programs, mental health professionals, life coaches, and houses of worship that contribute to supportive relationships, spiritual healing, and mental health in the lives of minorities.

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