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MFCF Presents: 2021 Black Bottom Campaign

The Minority Freedom Community Fund is proud to present our Black Bottom Campaign, empowering Black business from the bottom up. Inspired by the City of Detroit's historic Black Bottom neighborhood, this initiative will serve as a catalyst to jumpstart similar rejuvenation efforts for Black-owned enterprises across the country.

For the next 90 days, MFCF's Black Bottom Campaign will raise funds to assist the development, growth and operations of Detroit's Black-owned businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Successful Black businesses have long existed within our country. However, due to generational oppression, gentrification, and systematic racism, many Black-owned businesses have not been able to thrive to their full potential. These issues stop now!

MFCF's founder TeQuion Brookins explains, "As a Black business owner and a consultant to many Detroit-based, Black-owned businesses, I understand the importance of recycling our dollars within our own community". She adds, "...there are so many amazing people doing great work but sometimes business owners just need that boost to purchase that insurance policy or pay that web designer to really get their business activated".

Today your gift will help Black business owners pivot to virtual platforms, strengthen their capacity, and improve their companies' investability profiles. We firmly believe that our community has the power and resources to correct our issues.

Give today and support Black economic empowerment from the bottom up! Visit or text keyword BLACKBOTTOM to 44321 to donate today!

Stay tuned in as we unveil more details about the campaign and recipients.

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