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MFCF was proud to present the Black Bottom Campaign, empowering Black business from the bottom up. Inspired by the City of Detroit's historic Black Bottom neighborhood, the initiative serves as a catalyst to jumpstart similar rejuvenation efforts for Black-owned enterprises across the country.

For 90 days, MFCF's Black Bottom Campaign raised funds to assist the development, growth and operations of Detroit's Black-owned businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Successful Black businesses have long existed within our country. However, due to generational oppression, gentrification, and systematic racism, many Black-owned businesses have not been able to thrive to their full potential. These issues stop now!

Gifts given will be deployed to aid Black business owners pivot to virtual platforms, strengthen their capacity, and improve their companies' investability profiles. We firmly believe our community has the power and resources to correct our issues. Donors who had friends or family members of a Black business owner, are Black entrepreneurs themselves or are allies who understands the value Black businesses contribute to society, supported this campaign representing their commitment to rectifying the lack of access to flexible capital that plagues Black business owners.

thank you to our donors
Nicole Valentini.png

Nicole Valentini

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

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Daryel Peake

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Thanks to donor generosity we were able to raise $10,054 to support Black businesses! We broke records for MFCF, with over 100 donors supporting the campaign. On behalf of the Fundraising Committee, THANK YOU!

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Thanks to our partnership with ProsperUs Detroit, we are able to connect with Detroit-based Black entrepreneurs who are in need of financial support to strengthen their small business. Learn more about this Black-led CDFI by visiting them online at today!


We are community-led. This means, YOU decide how our funds are allocated. The nominees for the Black Bottom Campaign Awards are below. Cast your vote to show your support.


13 businesses facing hardship will receive $75 scholarships to participate in ProsperUs Detroit's Entrepreneur training program. In addition, up to 18 Detroit entrepreneurs who don't yet qualify for funding from ProsperUS will receive $500 in seed funding from MFCF's Black Bottom Campaign funds.


Voting is open from December 11, 2021 until December 18 at 10 am EST.  Don't forget to register for the Annual Meeting to hear more about the winners. Click here to register now.

we want Your Feedback
We’d love to hear your ideas for taking the Black Bottom Campaign to the next level.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

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